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Fish dishes

Sautéed rapanas
With tomato sauce and carrot cadaif
200 gr. » 12.90 lv

Fried Calamari
accompanied with zucchini and onion slices
250 gr. » 10.90 lv

Tiger Shrimps Lock 
pan-fried with fresh spices and white wine
300 gr. » 16.50 lv

Sautéed octopus with tomato-and-basil salsa
200 gr. » 23.95 lv

Mussels au naturel
500 gr. »  7.00 lv

Mussels with saffron rice
700 gr. »  7.90 lv

Mussels with tagliatelle
700 gr. »  7.90 lv

Fried scad
300 gr. »  8.90 lv

300 gr. » 12.90 lv

Fried turbot
300 gr. » 21.90 lv

Grilled bluefish with sautéed potatoes
350/500 gr. » 25.90 lv

Garlic Sea Bream
Roast sea bream with rosemary
800 gr. » 36.90 lv

Tzipura on Baked Ratatouille
grilled fish served on ratatouille of vegetables
300/450 gr. » 19.90 lv

European Bass Fillet
with olive pasta and salvia, baked tomatoes filled
with breadcrumbs and herbs in tarragon sauce
200/350 gr.» 19.90 lv

Sautéed turbot fillet with Pernod
garnished with tempered vegetables
200/400 gr. » 37.95 lv

Salmon on a Tile
served with broccoli and cauliflower
150/300 gr. »  18.90 lv

Salmon dish
salmon fillet in crispy crust, served with vegetables
and garnished with safran rice and sea fruit mix
150/350 gr. » 19.50 lv

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