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Hot appetizers

Baked tomato
stuffed with cheese and garnished with grilled courgettes
250 gr. »  4,90 lv

Baked strong cow cheese    
with chili powder and garnished with lettuce
120 g »  4.90 lv

Salty Tartalette with white and yellow cheese
250 gr. »  5.90 lv

Baked aubergine with mozzarella 
garnished with tomato salsa
250 gr. »  5.90 lv

Baked goat cheese with honey and walnuts
120 gr. »  6.90 lv

Chicken fillet in bread crumbs with cheese sauce  
garnished with lettuce
180/300 gr. »  7.90 lv

Spinach Rolls
Breaded cheddar wrapped spinach,
 garnished with green salad and yoghurt sauce
220 gr. »  6.50 lv

Risotto with Cepes (flat mushroom)
Classic risotto with rich- flavour flat mushrooms and Parmesan
220 gr. »  7.95 lv.

Risotto with seafood and saffron
garnished with gambas
300 gr. » 13.90 lv

Brie in Fine Batter
served with grapes and walnuts poured with smooth blueberry sauce
150 gr. » 13.90 lv

Baked Goose Liver
with poached mango and tropical fruit
200 gr. » 14.80 lv

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