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Grated carrots
300 gr.»  3.90 lv

Beet and carrots
300 gr. »  3.90 lv

Green salad with radish and egg
250 gr. »  3.90 lv

Tomatoes with red onions
300 gr. »  4.20 lv

Roasted peppers with walnuts, dill and garlic
300 gr. »  4.50 lv

Shopska salad
350 gr. »  4.90 lv

Greek salad
tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cheese,
olives, red onions, lemon juice, olive oil
350 gr. »  4.90 lv

Qatar salad
Eggplant, tomato, cheese, and dressing
300 gr. »   5.50 lv

Aubergini Salad
baked peppers on a canapé of aubergines and cow’s cheese
topped with garlic pesto and walnuts
250 gr. » 5.50 lv

Capreze Salad
slices of fresh red tomatoes on a canapé of mozzarella cheese,
generously seasoned with basil-flavoured dressing
300 gr. »  5.90 lv

Green Salad with Tuna Fish
crisp lettuce leaves with tuna fish in lemon vinaigrette dressin
250 gr.  »  5.90 lv

Mediterranean salad with spinach
fresh spinach, tomatoes, carrots, olives, corn, tuna fish, capers, shrimps
300 gr. »   6.90 lv

Forma Salad
balmy combination of ruccola, green salad, poached almonds,
cherry tomatoes, quail  eggs and balsamico dressing
250 gr. »  6.90 lv

Green salad with salmon
Green salad with pickled salmon, gambas, rucola, almonds,
cherry tomatoes and French dressing
250 gr. »  13.90 lv

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